Congratulations Jane

Diver silhouette

Less than a year after joining ESAC as a new diver, Jane Carley completed her journey to Sports Diver this week. Jane has really thrown herself into her diving, and by her own admission has really pushed through her training since joining. Supported by the ESAC training team, and in particular by her main instructor Baxter Millar, Jane has become a regular attendee at Wednesday pool sessions, as well as completing 30 open water dives both inland and around the UK coast.

Jane learning SMB use at NDAC

Although Jane’s progress has been rapid, it’s important to point out that the whole point of BSAC’s training scheme is for learners to progress at their own pace. So whether it takes six months, a year or several years to get to the next BSAC level, every learner is encouraged to proceed at a speed that suits them.

Here’s what Jane’s instructor Baxter Millar had to say:

From day one Jane has shown an enthusiasm and willingness to listen, take on board comments and learn. Flying though the Ocean Diver course, it was a natural progression to move straight onto Sports Diver. Jane has used the BSAC network to her advantage by getting practical skills signed off by other branch instructors who she has met and to whom she has demonstrated the required standards. It has been a pleasure watching Jane’s confidence and competence grow as a diver and it’s now onwards and downwards!

Baxter Miller, ESAC Instructor
Congratulations Jane