O2 Admin Course – February 22nd

(Not Carmen’s house…)

Baxter is pleased to announce his forthcoming O2 Administration course. Here’s his message:

Hello Everyone,

On Saturday 22nd February we will be holding an O2 Admin Skill Development Course at Carmen’s house!

This SDC is perfect for all grades of diver but particularly Ocean Divers and Sports Divers.

The content of the course will enable you to recognise symptoms such as burst lung, DCI, near drowning, shock and Carbon Monoxide poisoning and administer O2 to casualties and provide basic life support though a mixture of theory and practical sessions.

Being O2 qualified via the SDC will also mean that should the occasion ever arise you can use and administer O2 held on the club’s rib, your own, or from a third party-such as a hard boat.

The cost of the course will be £35 which will include the course manual and a contribution towards the upkeep of the O2 units we use.

As we are holding the course at Carmen’s house we will have to limit participants to 10.

To ensure fairness in booking can I please ask for a deposit of £10 (or the £35!) from those of you that wish to do this SDC?

Please BACS the money to me:

Baxter Millar

SC 40 27 06

AC 21233882

Please put your name and O2 as a reference and then message me.

First 10 to send the deposit will secure a place on the course. Balance will be payable 2 weeks before so the course packs can be ordered.

If we do not have 10 people by Wednesday 5th February I will ask local clubs if they have anyone wishing to join us.

Please note that the course will run from 9 am until approx 4pm with plenty of time for the theory and practical sessions to be delivered and there will be a written assessment.

Thanks for reading,

Best Regards,


O2 Admin Course – February 22nd