Dive Forms & Map

The Club needs to be aware of all diving activities, and the attached forms are required paperwork. Please complete these forms as appropriate at each diving event.

Diver Details form

The Diver Details form contains personal and contact details for each diver in the party. Please keep this form safe and secure.

Dive Log form

This form records two dives for all divers in the party. Please complete all columns.

Medical Form

Risk Assessments, Casualty Assessment & Incident Procedures

Here is the full BSAC Risk Assessment document, plus Word and Acrobat files for creating individual assessments.


Here’s a map of the dive area at NDAC, with each underwater feature labelled by name and depth. Information from NDAC’s website.

BEWARE! Current water levels in the quarry have added approximately 3m to the given depths.

Please take this into account when planning your dives. (February 2020).