ESAC Safeguarding

ESAC is committed to all aspects of keeping children and young people who snorkel and dive with us, safe. Our instructors are fully trained by BSAC to the highest of standards. Diving is fun! BSAC instructors teach divers and snorkelers to become a safe, confident and self-reliant. Rescue skills
are taught from the start as standard. Quality time (in person) is spent to ensure trainees learn most effectively.

Our instructors will ensure that your son or daughter is treated with dignity and respect and will be safe taking part in their snorkelling or diving activities. They ensure the safety and well-being of trainees at all times, working appropriately and openly with children or young people in the club and always putting the welfare of each child or young person first. By building a balanced relationship based on mutual trust, children or young people are empowered to share in the decision-making process which in turns fosters the development of their own judgement as they progress through their training to become qualified snorkelers or divers.

Your son or daughter will take part in theory lessons that underpin the skills that they will learn in the swimming pool. All trainees practise these skills and once mastered, will progress to dive or snorkel in open water with instructors. Again, once all mastered skills have been practised and demonstrated, your son or daughter will qualify as a Snorkel Diver or an Ocean Diver! Underwater reefs, sea walls, wildlife, wrecks and even the odd nosy seal will be seen as their confidence and experience grows.

Our club organises dive weekends and holidays in the UK that once qualified, you can accompany your diving son or daughter on. We are a family orientated club and encourage you to take part with onshore activities with us. So come and talk to us, book a try-dive, take the first steps towards their next big adventure!