Equipment Loan

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One thing that puts people off trying scuba diving is the equipment cost. It’s true that scuba diving is not a cheap sport; it’s equally true that in the UK, once the initial expense has been overcome, club diving offers incredible value for money. Our club weekends often offer four dives for the price of one commercial dive.

To help new members learn to dive without unnecessary expense, ESAC offers a special deal for the first year of membership. A higher membership fee allows unlimited use of a BC, cylinder, regulator, weights, fins, snorkel and mask. This allows new members to add gear as finances allow; typically, a mask is an early purchase, and some like to buy their own regulator sets before long.

ESAC doesn’t offer drysuits as a loan item. A drysuit will not be needed at the outset, and a local company does rent them out. Members are always happy to help out new divers with equipment, and there is a very good market in used equipment nationally.