New Divers

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Evesham Sub Aqua Club is truly blessed with a great number of BSAC qualified instructors, which means new divers can be confident they will receive great instruction. If you’re leaning to dive with us, you’ll soon realise that no-one seems to stand still with their training. As divers gain skill and experience, they move up the training ladder, often attending skill development courses to add yet more to their diving enjoyment. What this means for new divers is we have a well-trained membership who are happy to share their skills and experience in making trainees comfortable in the water.

When you join ESAC, you will be supplied with the key things you need to get going, so you don’t have to spend a fortune at the outset:

  • A BC – Buoyancy Compensator (also known as a BCD, Buoyancy Control Device). Your BC not only provides variable buoyancy, it also provides a platform for your cylinder and regulator.
  • A set of regulators. The regulator system reduces the pressure of the air in your cylinder to allow you to breathe it. The regulator will have a submersible pressure gauge attached, allowing you to see how much air you have left.
  • An air cylinder. This will be full – it’s you job to get it refilled as required. A single 230bar fill will last quite a few pool sessions.
  • Some weights. Humans float – so we use some lead weights to give us slight negative buoyancy.
  • Mask, fins, snorkel.

All you will need for a start is your swimming gear. Your instructor will help you understand the different equipment we use, and will let you know when you need to consider making a purchase. The vocabulary alone can be confusing, but fear not – every single member of the club is there to help you.

Please note: diving in the UK can be quite cold and most divers wear drysuits. The club does not supply drysuits, but you will not need one until much of your training is completed. Again, your instructor will advise. Drysuits are available to hire locally.